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Indoor balls are heavier, allowing them to move faster and harder. Beach volleyballs are softer, lighter, and marginally bigger. With 4 fewer players per side on the beach, that bigger, floatier ball allows for those players to close distances and make the crazy diving plays that are hallmarks of AVP sets.

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Indoor volleyball is a game of power and the heavier balls move quicker and can be hit harder. Beach volleyballs are softer, lighter and a bit bigger than indoor balls. The lighter weight allows them to float more in the air, allowing good players to use the weather to their advantage.

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In indoor volleyball, players are not allowed to touch the ball two successive times. In beach, players can touch the ball twice in a row, but only if the first touch was an attempted block. Weather. While indoor volleyball players do not have to worry about weather, beach volleyball’s playing conditions can change based on the weather.

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Because playing in the sand causes difficulty moving, therefore decreasing speed in getting to the ball, the court size for beach volleyball is quite smaller than that found during the indoor season. For beach courts, the standard size is 16m x 8m, while the indoor courts are 18m x 9m and require a 7m height of free space.

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A beach volleyball is much softer and lighter than an indoor volleyball. The indoor balls are made from leather to be more robust. Indoor volleyball is all about power, the heavier ball moves quickly and can also be hit much harder. The lighter beach volleyball is also slightly bigger.

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Indoor volleyball is played with six players on each side, with each player having a specific position. Specific rotations help ensure that each player maintains his or her position. Beach volleyball is usually played with doubles with no specific positions – just a left and a right player.

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As a whole, volleyball is generally played indoor, on a larger court because there are 6 players on each side. Beach-volley is played on the sand, on a smaller court, with only 2 players on each side That’s it for a quick answer, but I’ll now go into more details to offer you a complete comparative between these two sports in the following of this post

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Indoor volleyballs are typically made of leather because leather is a very durable material. This allows indoor balls to last a really long time. Beach volleyballs usually made of a composite material to help the ball withstand water and any damage that can occur from the constant friction of sand.