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Jirō Akutagawa | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Jirō can, thanks to his God-given wrists, freely control where he will hit a volley from any positions with just a snap of his wrist, regardless of the irregularity of the position he is in at the time and where the opponent hits the ball to, provided he's at the net.

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Jirou only perks up when he is playing against a challenging opponent. So far this has happened a few times, including matches with Atobe Keigo and Fuji Shuusuke. Jirou is a volley specialist and his play style was inspired by Marui Bunta during a match two years ago. Jirou is perhaps the only player in the series who is perfectly content with a loss as long as it is memorable.

Jirou no Mezame | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Jirou no Mezame (Jirou's Awakening) is the 4th episode of the Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story II ~The Times We Shared~ [Ano Toki no Bokura]. It originally aired on the 26th October 2011. A history involving Jirou Akutagawa and Bunta Marui.

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Read The Prince of Tennis - Vol.16 Chapter 140: Jirou ...

Read The Prince of Tennis - Vol.16 Chapter 140: Jirou Awakening - Ryoma Echizen just joined the Seishun Academy's tennis team, which is known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. Its members are incredibly talented, gifted, and athletic. With rigorous and extremely intense practices, the upperclassmen of the team expect the very best from themselves and they expect even more ...

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Jirou Akutagawa (芥川 慈郎) Hyoutei Gakuen 3rd Year Birthday: May 5 Zodiac: Taurus Height: 160cm Weight: 49kg Blood Type: AB Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Serve and Volley Shoes: WILSON (SURGE DST 02 Mid (S1234W)) Racket: WILSON (HYPER PRO STAFF 7.6 with ROLLERS) Special Move: Magic Volley Favorite foods: Mutton, Mouse Pokey Hobby: Manga, Sleeping

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Looking at Akutagawa Jirou’s tennis No matter what balls he faces, in tennis he shows his “Fun spirit”!! There are no doubts in Jirou’s tennis. He returns everything with his speciality serve and volley, no matter the opponent. They’re games that are all done without reading or tactics. Who cares where the ball came from, can I return it?

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He often copies his doubles partner, Yagyu, to confuse their opponents. He can predict the moves of his opponents up to ten steps ahead. In The New Prince of Tennis, he takes the No. 15 position from the U-17 first string, and later moves up to No. 9/10, and later becomes one of the 14 middle schoolers to represent Japan at the U-17 world cup. He is portrayed by Masataka Nakagauchi (1st season), Hidetoshi Kubota (2nd season), and Dai Goto (3rd season) in the musicals.

Prince of Tennis Fic Book - Chapter 28 - TheRainRogue ...

Jirou wrapped his arms around your neck from behind, rubbing his cheek against your own and smiling brightly. “You weren’t waiting long, were ya?” You shook your head, a small laugh leaving your lips.

Hyotei Academy | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom

Hyotei Academy (氷帝学園) is a private school located in the Tokyo prefecture. It's tennis team, Hyōtei Academy Secondary Department (氷帝学園中等部 Hyōtei Gakuen Chūtō Bu) applies a strict stratification and merit system, which prioritizes ability only rather than emotion. If any regular loses a match, they are removed from their spot and only given a second chance in very rare ...